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If we're sinners then it feels like heaven to me
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Since most of us are single and will be spending valentines day at home I have this cool idea, reblog this and I’ll check your blog out (what fandom you’re in, sexual orientation, summarize who you are) then I’ll find someone compatible and you’ll have a valentine. I’ll do them all, last day to enter is February 10.

Omg, if you do this ill be so happy

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Hello.. First 365 to reblog this will get their url put in a jar and every day in 2014, I’ll pick out a url and write them a nice message on anon. Please only reblog only once, no likes.I will start messaging people once I wake up since it’s already January 1st

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Lindsey Kelk, I Heart New York
"Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass."

Daniell Koepke 

"All things shall pass."

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My new fav quote

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Jess x

I’m going on a break. I don’t know whether this will be for a month, a year, or whether I will in fact never return to this blog. I just know that there are far more important things in life than a follower count, because when it comes down to it, those people aren’t going to be there for you when everything falls apart. For the person who has been there for me, you know who you are, I am eternally grateful and I am sorry that I screwed up so much. I need to take time to repair the relationships which I’ve broken through acts of my own stupidity. If this gives you the need to unfollow me, go ahead, because you’re just a number, but I truly hope that you don’t make the same mistakes I made. I guess this is goodbye. 

"You’re a different human being to everybody you meet."Chuck Palahniuk  

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